Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Fit & Healthy: January

 QOTD: " I can accept failure, but I can't accept not trying"

Today I'm introducing something new to the posts. From now on in every post you will find a QOTD (Quote Of The Day) which is basically an inspirational quote/saying to get some motivation or just feel better. I have found myself reading a lot of this on pinterest and instagram lately and I really like them. I feel more motivated and I even feel better with my own skin, so I wanted to share this feeling with you. (Keep in mind I'm not owner of any of this quotes, they are mostly from pinteres and sometimes they don't say who wrote it.)

It is a "New Year" "New Me" kinda thing. For this 2015 prob my biggest goal/resolution is to become fit and healthy -cliched- so I thought what is better than sharing my FITNESS/HEALTHY LIFESTYLE journey with all my readers, and maybe uncorage you to start a healthy/fit plan for this new year. So I decided to start a new category on my blog call Fit&Healthy -very unique- and basically I'll be posting once monthly -the end of every month- ( ignore how late I'm posting this) about my journey. So let's stop talking B.S and start the actual post. 


-THE SONG YOU NEED: This month song that I've been loving to listen to while running is Pitbull ft Ne-Yo: Time Of Our Lives, I try to run every morning and some days I really don't feel like doing any type of movement with my body out of my bed, and this  has been the song that gets me thru these hard times of my life -LOL at my drama-. Keep in mind I'm starting with this lifestyle and it is hard to keep up from time to time plus the fact that I'm currently moving countries so this wasn't the best month. 


This month perfect workout has to be running. I started working out on Jan 7 and after about a year doing any physical activity it was really bad / hard to do anything basically because I didn't have the motivation needed. -My laziness was way bigger than my desire to be a hot mamma-. A friend told me that running early in the morning even before having a big breakfast was the best thing to bump up the energy. So I started to wake up at 7am -I'm still on winter break so I don't have to wake up too early- and take a run/walk/run, at first it was kinda hard but after the first week I got used to it and after a whole month I realize how good I feel for the rest of the day. I feel with so much energy and I'm just ready for anythang y'll. I'm currently running alternating walking for 15min. After I run If I don't have to go out I'll do my entire workout routine which right now is a challenge from the 30 days challenge app that you can find on the Android and Apple app store, and then I'll eat breakfast. In case I can't do my workout right after running I'll just eat and find a time in the afternoon or even at night to finish the workout for the day. 

Perfect song of the month
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